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Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.

Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning
AND VENT ReplacemenT

  • According to National Fire Protection Agency, U.S. fire departments respond to an estimated average of 15,970 home structure fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines each year. These fires caused annual averages of 13 deaths, 444 injuries, and $238 million in direct property damage.
At Bactronix we take these statistics very seriously and we highly recommend having your clothes dryer vent cleaned and maintained annually.

The following list are just a few benefits of having your clothes dryer cleaned and maintained.

  • Reduce the risk of a potential dryer fire.

  • Reduced drying time which saves time and leads to lower utility bills.

  • Extended appliance lifespan by preventing break-downs or other damage.

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention (Gas Dryers)

The Bactronix dryer vent cleaning process removes dust, lint, articles of clothing and bird nests in homes, apartments, condos, hotels, salons and laundromats.
Our certified C-DET (Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician) technicians use a flexible rod system with high powered air nozzles and rotating brushes, combined with state-of-the-art hepa filtered vacuum equipment to clean the entire dryer vent, terminal cap and transition duct. After the entire vent is cleaned thoroughly, they will reset the clothes dryer and cycle and purge the vent system to check for adequate airflow.
Dryer Vent Cleaning
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