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Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.

Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.

Educational Facilities

Schools and educational facilities clean environment


Kids age 5 to 17 catch anywhere from seven to 12 colds each year and end up missing school by the millions. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control  estimates that nearly 22 million school days are lost due to the common cold, and as many as 38 million schools days are missed due to the flu.


Because of budget cuts across the country, school custodians are sweeping and vacuuming and taking out the trash but rarely have the time or the tools to clean “high contact points” properly. You can clean something and it may look clean, but you can have thousands of bacteria and viruses on the surface.


Bactronix®  is a science based company that measures, kills and prevents bacteria, mold, viruses, fungi, odors and VOC’s from returning. The Two-Step Process is  applied electrostatically and ensures 100% coverage.


Bactronizing is environmentally friendly and does not use toxic chemicals such as ammonias,  bleaches, peroxides or metal-based poisons such as silver or copper ions. The  process creates no harmful by-products or ozone arming VOC’s.

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Germ Free Schools - Teach kids about germs and bacteriaBactronix Sponsors Education Program of
How to Maintain Good Health and
Stay Proactive Against the Spread of Bacteria


Basics of Hygiene for Skin, Hair and Nails
This objective consists of keeping skin clean, washing your hair, and basic hair styles. Students will also also understand how to maintain healthy nails.


Evolution of Bacteria
This objective will break down how and where bacteria live.


Staying Healthy in Schools
by Minimizing the Spread of Germs

This objective will review how and when to wash your and, keeping your areas clean, and covering your cough or sneeze.


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The Bactrnoizing Process - Mold Mildew Viruse do not stand a chanceSanitizing Schools with Mold Removal - Bacteria elimination