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Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.

Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.

Mold Services

Bactronix offers fast, effective and affordable mold services all backed by a 1 year warranty. Guaranteed best pricing!

Our Mold Services Include:

  • Mold Inspection:
    As soon as you suspect mold in your home call the experts at Bactronix.  The certified Mold Inspectors will provide a full inspection of the property.  This inspection includes advanced testing and reporting. The tests will determine what may be causing the mold and what kind of microbial activity is growing on the surface.  You will also receive a detailed proposal for remediation services.

  • Mold Treatment and Remediation Services
    At Bactronix we respect your home and with our exclusive equipment and process we are very noninvasive.  Bactronix’s certified technicians will perform the services in your home.  We use our exclusive Two-Step Bactronizing Process to eliminate mold, bacteria, odors and allergens.  The Two-Step Bactronizng Process is ecofriendly and applied with state-of-the-art equipment guaranteeing 100% coverage of all surfaces including furniture.  We offer demo services if there is an area of the home that is completely compromised.  Drying equipment and air scrubbers are also made available ensuring we are creating the best environment in your home.  Our technicians will perform after testing to confirm the issues have been eliminated.

  • Bactronix Certification and Warranty
    After treatment you will receive documentation backing our services. A certification will be issued for your home.  This certification proves the property therein has completed the antimicrobial guidelines in creating a healthier environment.  You will also receive a one-year warranty guaranteeing the safety and health of your home, as well as, the after results.  These documents will help you and your family rest assure you are living in a healthier home.  In case of home sale warranty is transferable.

  • Mold Inside Ductwork:
    In case mold has developed in the air duct system our duct cleaning division will remove all dust and debris and apply the exclusive Two-Step Bactronizing Process inside the entire ductwork system.  Not only will this kill all mold but it will also remove odor coming from the system.

  • Air Drying:
    Protect your environment from microorganisms, 
mold, bacteria and odors by removing water and moisture.


And this moldy bar can be used
in confidence for years to come.

Mold on your walls

is so unsightly and dangerous.